Sunday, September 22, 2019

Lost--& found--in the wilds of Westchester--Hadar Ensemble concert & Selichot

Naturally, since we had to make a 50-yard dash--or, rather, take an eight-block speed-walk--to our rental car as soon as we could get our gear together after making havdalah last night--we were already running late.  Then we messed up the GPS, so it messed us up--it sent us to White Plains instead of New Rochelle.  (Both towns are in Westchester County, New York State).  But we did, eventually, make it to Beth El Synagogue Center.

And this is what we saw and heard.

Shir HaMaalot (music by Joey Weisenberg, with Deborah Sacks Mintz singing lead and Anat Hoffman singing harmony).  Many thanks to Hadar's Rabbi Elie Kaunfer for recording and sharing this video.

You'll have to go to Deborah's Facebook page to see more videos from the concert and a snippet of Avinu Malkeinu (from the Selichot service following the concert)--I'm, apparently, too tech-challenged to figure out how to find workable links to these videos on Facebook.

We got two pleasant surprises at and after the Selichot service.  Neither of us had any idea that one of the local Israeli-folk-dance teachers with whom we dance frequently is a cantor--he was one of the leaders of the Selichot service.  The other surprise was that one of the former cantors of our former synagogue, who was another one of the Selichot leaders, still recognized us even though we probably haven't seen her for about 20 years--what a delight to be greeted with a hug!  She actually grew up in our former synagogue--we've known her since she was a child.

All told, and even though we got there ridiculously late, it was worth the trip to see old friends in new places, enjoy part of a wonderful concert, and participate in a musical Selichot service with over 200 people instead of probably fewer than 15.  It's hard to feel that one has an actual viable congregation when, practically every other Shabbat (Sabbath) morning, we have to stop the service and wait because we "lose" our minyan every time someone leaves the sanctuary.  So it was a real pleasure to davven ba-rabbim, to pray among a multitude.



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